Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lately and a Glimpse of our Day

{We took a family day and went to a local zoo}

{Aubrie loved the monkeys!}


{My girls!}

{For Daddy's Valentines gift the girls got dressed up!}

{Aubrie at 2 and Emma at 4months already playing together!}

{Daddy was put in charge of the girls for a little bit... ;)}

{Aubrie is learning to read! She can currently sound out and recognize Dad, Mom, Dog, Cat, Happy, Sad. Let your kids know you believe they can learn anything and it might just surprise you what they pick up! I am amazed at our 2 year old's learning/memorization ability and excitement to learn new things.}

{So much fun having friends with babies all the same age!}

{Aubrie's first drawing of people.. without help. She told me it was a sad Aubrie and happy Aubrie:)}

{Always wanting to decorate but no budget to do it? Shop your house, you'll be surprised what you can come up with!}

{Sweet sweet hubby brought me home a birthday treat even though he had worked a 15 hour day. He's incredible}

{Emma has started to put herself to sleep. Great job baby girl!}

~I am absolutely loving this season of life, although I'm not going to lie and pretend like our first few months with Emma were perfect. She cried constantly and I had a really hard time having to be separated from Aubrie in order to take care of Emma and trying to figure out how to be a Mama to 2 and give both the attention and love they so deserve.
Emma is now a happy 5 month old and I feel like we are finally settled into a routine and are all used to our new roles as a family of 4. Life is a constant balancing act isn't it? My husband and I have been simplifying a lot of things in our life in order to save money and more importantly to focus inward on our family together. I have never been more content and am so very grateful for this life God has blessed me with!
~Our days are very simple and feel long and short all at the same time. They usually start around 6 or 6:30 and we take our time eating breakfast/snuggling/watching Mickey. :). I love being able to take the time to make Aubrie hot, yummy breakfasts. That girl LOVES her scrambled eggs! (She calls them eggies.) After our breakfast it's usually time to nurse Emma so Aubrie and I draw, work with her on her reading, read to her, or she plays in her play room. I usually try to pick up the kitchen or start laundry and after that spend time coloring, play doh, or have tea parties. I've been working on getting both of the girls to nap at the same time so I can sleep if I need to, or eat, or get stuff done around the house. After naps we've been enjoying this beautiful weather and meeting friends or cousins at the park! Aubrie loves to climb stairs and slide or just run around! When we get home we get dinner ready and try to pick up the house. This is our busiest time because both girls go to bed fairly early. I try to give both of them baths at the same time after dinner. I start nursing Emma around 5:45 and Aubrie gets Daddy time until about 6:30 then I take my time with her putting her to bed. I love night time because I get to have one on one time with each of them! After they are asleep I try to finish up laundry and then relax with Darren.  I am beyond grateful of getting to live out my dream of being a stay at home Mommy and feel like I'm exactly where God wants me.
~We are very slowly working on potty training. I've been testing it out with Aubrie and although most of our friends' kids her are getting there, I just don't feel that she's ready. She's always excelled in brain development but has been a little slower with physical milestones so I want to make sure she's ready and it's an enjoyable experience for both of us. She takes her time and observes everything. She doesn't like surprises and anytime we do anything new I have to explain to her exactly what is happening and she usually does great. (My sweet MIL tells me Darren was the same way. :)
~ We have *very slowly been transitioning to eat mostly Paleo. Paleo Meals are hit and miss and I'm totally fine with that. We are just wanting to be healthier and Emma does much better if I cut out most wheat and dairy! (Have you tried almond milk?! SO delicious! Aubrie loves it!)Hubby still likes his dairy so we are just doing what works for us! It is saving us money on groceries though, mostly buying meat and fresh fruit/veggies is much cheaper than all of the snacks and extra creams! Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store so you're not tempted with sweets, crackers, and chips!
~I've been trying to get a regular cleaning schedule going. I normally like to work from the top to bottom but recently found this on pinterest and am going to see if it's something I have time for!
 So there's an update from our little corner! Probably not terribly interesting to you, but I don't have time to scrapbook right now so I'm trying to type things here to later transfer into baby books! :)
 Have a great weekend friends! We are going to enjoy some family time, go to a birthday party, and spend time outside enjoying the beautiful Almond blossoms that are out!

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