Sunday, December 30, 2012

Intentional Living

I've been seeing other bloggers write posts on a 'word' for the new year and think it's a great idea! I'm not into the whole, "I'm going to lose weight, or work out more. ..or whatever because I personally forget about it and never can carry it through. ":).
I love the idea of focusing on one word and what it will mean to me for the coming year.
Something that has really been on my heart and mind has been the word 'intentional'.
Am I being intentional in my day to day life? With Jesus? With my husband? My girls?
I feel like life is so so busy right now. I know part of it is because of the stage my girls are at, but I've been really feeling the need to simplify lately in order to spend much needed time investing in my family.. family meaning Darren, Aubrie, and Emma.
Life can become filed with so many distractions... internet, working out, endless get togethers with friends and family, church activities, to do lists etc. None of these things are necessarily bad, and I love all of them but sometimes when they are all happening in excess and at once, it leaves my head spinning and drains my energy that I should be saving for Jesus and our little family.
So my focus for 2013 will be to simplify in order to be more intentional with the things that matter.
I may not have the time in this season of life to sit for 30-60 minutes and do devotions/pray, but can I somehow find a way to be more intentional about talking with God while doing day to day tasks? Can I talk to my hubby in a better tone, cut out some things in order to be better about taking time to make his lunches and get more done around the house so he is able to just rest when he is home? I love to workout with other women and wish I could do it more, but is it really worth it to change Emma's schedule and make her confused and fussy leaving us all frazzled just so I can get an hour workout in or is there something I can do at home more often with the girls? (Walks, outside play etc.)
The list could go on.. and maybe it will in my own personal thoughts, but this is a great starting point! I also want to work on not being so hard on myself. If my house is very messy and there are piles of laundry everywhere, we haven't made it to church in a couple weeks etc. .. I just feel like a failure. It's so silly! I know my house is that way because I've taken time to play with Aubrie or let Emma nurse a little longer because she's needed Mommy time, or laid down myself while both girls are sleeping because I'm tired, so why do I stress about that? I know in this season of life with two two and under who have schedules they like to stick close to and with a hubby who works 6 days a week, 12 plus hour days that Sunday mornings things happen and we can't always make it out of the door by 9:15... I know Jesus loves me anyway and understands. So why do I compare to other moms or let my fear of what people think drain my energy away from thinking about how I can glorify God more and minister to my family more?
I want to be more intentional about all of these things.. take out distractions and focus my attention to my home.
Do you have some of these struggles? How do you balance/live intentionally?


  1. Your family is beautiful and I LOVE the word intentional! :) Such a great way to live each day! :-) Found you via Casey Wiegand!