Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quick Update

This will be short and sweet :). I'm letting the girls watch a little tv this morning while having a 'picnic' on the floor. (Aubrie's favorite and a fun treat for her!)

~What we've been up to.. getting into a better routine! I say routine because normally I hate hate hate schedules.. I'm just not wired that way, but babies are so a better routine it is ;). I found these books and I truly cannot believe the difference in our household after just a week. ( These toddler years are not for the faint of heart let me tell ya! ;)
Moms on Call 7-15 months

Moms on Call Toddler

{I was planning to  add pictures to all of these but can't find my iphone cord, o well! ;) Speaking of phones, iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy? Hubby keeps trying to convince me of switching to Droid}

~We took a trip with my mom to the zoo last week and had a great time!

~ I started up with Thirty One again and am so happy I did! A break was nice and much needed but apparently more people were missing and wanting the products than I thought. God has always blessed me through Thirty One and I'm excited to start up again. Let me know if you want to host a party or fundraiser or place an order!

~ Darren and I got to go on a date day last weekend and we had a great time! Ikea and lunch on the water, so nice!

~Today we are heading to library story time, getting laundry done, and having cousins over to swim. Love being able to spend all day with my babies! Have a great Tuesday!

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