Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Phone Dump!

What a whirlwind life has been lately! We are moved and getting settled and loving our new home and town so far! Miss Aubrie also decided she was ready for the big girl potty so without much preparation on my part we've been potty training! I wasn't quite ready for this but so so proud of my girl, she's doing great! Here's some recent pictures from the iphone. Have a great week!

This happened 2 days before we moved. Lovely.

Aubrie did so good at her first build a bear birthday party

Following in Mommy's footsteps!

I thought she was looking especially cute so we had to take a picture

Does the laundry ever get caught up?

Making teddy bears!

I let Emma have a taste of a cupcake at my niece's birthday party.. needless to say she wanted to devour Aubrie's. :)

My new rug! Thank you hubby!! #targetdoesitagain :)

It's very hard to get a picture these days.

Mother's Day! My 3rd with Aubrie and 1st with Emma, so blessed by these two!

An after Target nap :)

We love Target!

She sure does keep me on my toes

We have been taking lots of walks!

Last minute cleaning getting the house ready for it's new owner!

This is what we lived in for about 4 weeks before we moved. Ug!

Emma's first pony tail(kind of)

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