Monday, January 30, 2012

End of January? Already??

I can't believe it's already almost February! Time goes by so fast when you have a little one.. who's not seeming so little anymore.
Where did my baby go?

With the end of the month coming I just wanted to give you a last chance to order from Thirty One's winter catalog. These items will not be available after tomorrow so get them while you can! If you've never checked out my website take a few minutes to do it, I promise you'll find something you can't live without ;). Also, thermal totes are ONLY $10 until Feb 1. I use these for everything.. they fit a lot and keep things hot/cold for long periods of time. Plus you can embroider on them and they come in so many cute prints! A must have for a Mommy in my opinion!

Go to browse or order!

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