Friday, August 17, 2012

Thirty One Blessings

I think I've mentioned that I am a Thirty One consultant but I don't like to share a lot on here because I hate being pushy! :). I just wanted to share a little bit of my story because lately this company has blessed our family so much and I would love to help other families who are in similar positions!
When we got pregnant with Aubrie, we felt that God was calling us to be a home in which my husband worked and I stayed home. Financially we were not sure quite how that was going to work, but when God tells you to do something, you listen. This might not make sense in the world's eyes.. to be having babies at 21, to not have a ton of savings and 'extra' money every month etc, but to us, me being home to raise our family was more important. If God lays something on your heart He WILL take care of you. He doesn't promise us an easy comfortable life all of the time and that's ok!
Once Aubrie got a little older I wanted to try to find a way to contribute without having to leave her for long periods of time. I had heard of Thirty One before but have never been the type of person to like the 'home party' world. I didn't think it would make us any money so I passed. A few months later, my closest friend started selling it. We had never talked about it before but once I saw her products and hosted a party for her, heard what she made from it, I thought I could at least give it a try! I signed up a few weeks later and was so excited to get my enrollment kit. They really make it worth your money! I would get a few orders from friends and family every once in awhile but nothing big. I had one person signed up under me and she did really well right away. At this point I just enjoyed doing it and really loved the products but wanted to do more.
 A few months ago a family member hosted a large party for me. This was the point that I really started praying that God would use this business to help me bless my family. From that one party I ended up getting 5 more parties over the next few months and through that I've been able to significantly help our family with our finances. I am so very grateful for God's provision and a Christian company to work for! Plus, you get so many cute bags!! ;). It's a great way to stay home with your babies and bring in an income. I would love to grow my team so if you are interested or just have questions please don't hesitate to contact me!( I would love to help others help their families!
Party Set Up

Large Utility Tote.. one of my faves!

Mini Utility Bin and Organizing Utility Tote

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  1. That is so fabulous! I love to see people out making things happen and taking action. It is so inspiring.

    Stopping by from the wiegands.
    happy friday to you!