Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It has been such a fun Christmas season having a, can you believe it, one year old in the house! It is so neat to see Aubrie's face light up every time we see Christmas lights, or she notices our "pretty" tree (pretty is one of her favorite words and she whispers it every time she says it).
Darren and I have taken her to one street close to us that has a few of the houses' lights tuned to music and she just thinks it's the coolest thing ever. (We kind of like it too) :)
Watching her sheer joy at the little things has reminded me to slow down and just take things in a few times a day. What if we saw things through the eyes of a child.. every little thing is new, 'pretty' , and o so exciting! If things like lights and trees are that exciting to a baby, I feel like as adults we should be that joyful about the real reason for Christmas. It saddens me to see what Christmas has turned into.. how many times have I been asked, "Are you all done with your shopping?" vs. "Can you believe that God sent His ONLY SON as a baby here to earth to suffer and die for us?" Hmm..something to think about! Now that I'm a Mommy I am that much more amazed that God would do that. I can't even describe the depth of my love for Aubrie and to think that God willingly would send His son here, to save a people totally undeserving just baffles me! I am so thankful for His compassion, love, and grace!
We started off our weekend with Daddy coming home an hour early from work! We were very excited! He has the next three days off and I am really looking forward to some much needed family time. He works so long and hard for our little family that we don't get to be together often so the rare times we get a few days together I am ecstatic. Aubrie loves it too! We have family Christmases the next two days then a whole day just the three of us! We love having large extended families and being with them but we also think it's important to have our own traditions that our kids can remember. We decided Christmas morning will be our time together.. I'm excited for future memories and to build traditions with Aubrie and any other littles that God chooses to bless us with.
I pray you all have a Merry Christmas and remember to celebrate Jesus this weekend!

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